Junior League

We'd be delighted to welcome you along to take part in the junior league competitions for young players. If you're aged between 8 and 20 years old this is your league! Whether it's your first competition or you're a regular competitor, it's a chance to have fun and develop your game-playing skills.  Players from clubs like Irvine, Kilmarnock, Forthside, Shuttle Stars, Eskine, St Mary's, Glasgow Chinese, Scotstoun and Shuttleworks clubs all came along as well as players without a club. Last season over ten events 252 different players took part.

2017-18 is going to be an exciting season. There are ten Junior League competitions planned. There will be five singles, four team and, following on from the success of last year, another Doubles competition at Christmas. They are all on Sunday mornings from 9am – latest 2pm and mostly at the National Badminton Academy, Scotstoun. They cost £6 to enter. These competitions are open to all abilities and ages and players are pooled with players from other clubs of equal ability. They are great fun, spectators and volunteer helpers are always welcome, 

2017-18 Calendar

17th September 17 - Junior League Singles at Kelvin Hall
8th October 17 - Team Junior League at Scotstoun
5th November 17 - Junior League Singles at Scotstoun
25th November 17 - Team Junior League at Emirates (Scottish Open)
28th December 17 - Doubles Junior League at Cockburn Centre
28th January 18 - Junior League Singles at Scotstoun
18th February 18 - Team Junior League at Scotstoun
18th March 18 - Junior League Singles at Scotstoun
15th April 18 - Team Junior League  at Scotstoun
13th May 18 - Junior League Singles at Scotstoun

For further information please email Gillian or you can read an interesting article about Junior Leagues here

To enter directly rather than via your club, please complete the attached entry form

The five players below attended all ten Junior leagues in 2016 and received a voucher and a top from Kieran Merrilees ... could you do the same this year?

Junior League Team Event - 17th April at Scotstoun
Another successful Junior League Team Event.  17 teams took part representing seven clubs in a closely contested event.  

Junior League Singles - 20th March at Scotstoun
104 players competed in a first to 15 competition on Sunday. Almost all players played six games mostly against new opponents. Players from Irvine, Dunblane, Stirling, Hurlford, Cumbernauld, Erskine had travelled to be at Scotstoun for a 9am start. Division winners received an Easter Egg and are pictured below

Junior League Team Event - 21st February at Scotstoun
21 teams queued to get into Scotstoun at 9am. They had travelled from Stirling, Irvine, Kilmarnock and Erskine to compete alongside the Glasgow teams. Results are available here, winners were spread around the club with the satellite squad maintaining their dominance of the top division. Scotstoun, Erskine and Irvine split the other divisions between them. 

Junior League Singles - 8th November at Emirates
Results are available at Tournament Software with 90 players and twelve courts we were able to play not just a round robin but then in each level the winners, seconds etc of each were able to play off against each other. Winners were Scott Curren, Ruth Flockhart, Liam McGhie, Josh Lewis and Zoe McInnes, all received Glasgow and North Strathclyde t-shirts. Players came from 15 different clubs and a whopping 248 games were played and 8,400 points won.

Team Junior League - 18th Oct at Scotstoun
Results are available on tournament software. 18 four player teams entered  180 matches and over 6,100 points won each player had ten matches. Winners were for Division 1, Jackson 4 from the Sat Squad; Division 2 Scotstoun Badminton Club 2; and Division 3 St Mary's Badminton Club 2.

   Division 1 Winners from the Satellite Squad

  Division 2 Winners from Scotstoun Badminton Club

   Division 3 Winners from St Mary's Badminton Club

Updated : 7th October 2017

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